Is Equality Good For Us?

The Scottish Centre for Continental Philosophy and The Forum for European Philosophy present a Philosophy Public Engagement Talk

Dr Beth Lord (University of Aberdeen) Is Equality Good for us?

We all think equality is a good thing.

Equality seems to be in the news every day, from Thomas Piketty’s bestselling book about economic inequality to the introduction of gay marriage legislation to arguments for better gender balance on company boards.

Inequality, and the demand for greater equality, are central to people’s lives.

But what do we mean by equality, and are some kinds better for us than others? How can it contribute to our wellbeing as individuals and communities?

In this session we will see how philosophy can help us to figure out what we mean by equality and why we think it is so important.


Weds 8th October 6pm, Oxfam Bookshop, Reform Street, Dundee, DD1 1SL