On Poetry and Truth

In conjunction with the Centre for Poetic Innovation (Universities of Dundee and St Andrews), the Scottish Centre for Continental Philosophy is pleased to present a seminar by visiting guest speaker

Jennifer Gosetti-Ferencei (Professor of Philosophy, Fordham University)

‘On Poetry and Truth’

The nature of poetry’s relation to truth has divided philosophers from Plato to the present. Recent philosophical assessments of poetry in phenomenology and hermeneutics will be here considered against the backdrop of the historical debate, and in light of a tension between poetry’s mimetic or reproductive relation to reality and its productive generation of images and ideas. Poetry can both reveal and create, reflect the actual and engage the possible. In so doing, poetry may illuminate reality anew, and thus contribute to the search for truth.

Dalhousie Building, University of Dundee, Old Hawkhill, Dundee Room 2G14

Wednesday 8 November, 4pm     All welcome!