Sleep Mode at Somerset House – a series of online events

Please see details of online events relating to the recent ’24/7′ Exhibition at Somerset House, to which Scottish Centre for Continental Philosophy members Dominic Smith and Patrick Levy contributed work and expertise…

Across the week of midsummer – which sees the longest day and shortest night of the year – we host a week of online events responding to ‘always on’ culture.

Sleep Mode is a week-long reflection on the theme of ‘always-on’ culture and the ‘new normal’ we can create in a post-lockdown world. Picking up where our recent 24/7 exhibition left off, and also curated by Sarah Cook, Sleep Mode features new and existing works, interrogating the idea of living in ‘sleep mode’ – a life where you never fully switch off.

A special takeover week of content and broadcasts from artists including Alan Warburton, Nastja Säde Rönkkö, Douglas Coupland, Michael Mandiberg, Addie Wagenknecht, Hyphen-Labs and more, Sleep Mode will look at 24/7’s original themes in light of the lockdown lessons we may have learned and the future of work and play.