SPA Annual Meeting and AGM – 3rd December 2021

Founded in 1900 as the Scots Philosophical Club, the Scots Philosophical Association (SPA) is the professional association of philosophers in Scotland. Its primary purpose is to promote the study and teaching of philosophy in Scotland. This is achieved through the organization of an annual meeting, the sponsorship of conferences and workshops, the sponsorship of fellowships (including the annual SPA Centenary Fellowship), and the provision of grants to philosophy departments (which fund seminars, faculty travel, and postgraduate activities).   The SPA is the joint owner of the Philosophical Quarterly.

The 2021 SPA Annual Meeting and AGM is hosted by the University of Glasgow. The event will be online, via Zoom on Friday 3rd December 2021. Registration is free (via Eventbrite: ) and open to all.

We are delighted to have papers given by Dr Jennifer Smalligan Marušić (University of Edinburgh), Dr Steph Rennick (University of Glasgow), and Professor Elizabeth Barnes (University of Virginia).

SPA Annual Meeting 2021 Schedule

3rd December 2021

University of Glasgow (via Zoom)


09:30  – 11:00 Jennifer Smalligan Marušić


11:15 – 12:45 Stephanie Rennick


14:00 – 15:30 AGM of the Scots Philosophical Association


16:00 – 17:30 Elizabeth Barnes


Link to philevents:

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