Philosophy Speaker series Fall 2022

This semester, we are pleased to announce the new Philosophy Speaker series.
Events will take place on campus and will be regularly advertised on our Facebook Page or Twitter. Stay tuned!

19.10.2022, 4pm Rebecca Carson (London) “Immanent Externalities: The Reproduction of Life in Capital” (in Dalhousie 1F09)

26.10., 4pm: Roberto Nigro (Luneburg) – Discomfort in Contemporary Philosophy: The Italian Operaism and its Legacy at Issue

07.12., 4pm: Tim Ingold (Aberdeen University) – On not Knowing and Paying Attention: How to Walk into a Possible World

08.12., 4pm Graham Priest – Nothingness and the Limits of Thought

9.12. Scots Phil AGM:

Walter Pedriali (St. Andrews), The Labyrinth of Norms. Temporal Externalism and Marxist Ethics

Graham Priest (Glasgow), Social Atomism and its Problems —Metaphysical and Political

AND Amelie Berger-Soraruff (Dundee), Challenging Innovation in Philosophy of Technology and Design

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