Postgraduate symposium and exhibition – “Dwelling in Extremis”

We are delighted to share details of the upcoming * IN PERSON * postgraduate symposium and exhibition, Dwelling in Extremis. 

The symposium will take place in Lecture Theatre 1, Dalhousie Building, 9.30 – 17.00, Friday 13th May. 

The exhibition will run 13-16th May, Main Foyer, Dalhousie Building. 

Please see below for full programme and theme details. 



How are we to live in these extreme times? What is it like to live – to dwell even – in what seems to be a constant of extreme circumstances?  

‘Dwelling’, whether in the spatial or temporal sense, seems to imply a sense of stability. So what happens to dwelling in an age when we are ever more conscious of extremes?  We can readily name all sorts of extremes that have become topical for us: comfort/terror, local/global, wealth/inequality, short-term/long-term, left/right, secular/fundamental… But how can we learn to live with them, to dwell with them? This is the key question of this exciting symposium. 

In our captivating exhibition and an intriguing series of panels (on terror, fake news, emotion, and philosophical approaches to dwelling), we will explore not only what it is that we find ourselves confronted with, day in, day out, but also how we can engage with and make sense of it, and how it can affect us. 

Join us at this student-led symposium for a chance to finally gather in-person again and both celebrate and demonstrate the strength and vibrancy of postgraduate work at the intersection of the Arts and Humanities at Dundee!

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