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Philosophy at Dundee offers a wide range of undergraduate and postgraduate modules aimed at sharpening your sense of what philosophy is, how it developed, and why it matters today. Our teaching focuses on these areas in particular: history of philosophy, art and aesthetics, applied philosophy (of work, technology, and information), and the crossover between philosophy’s ‘continental’ and ‘analytic’ traditions.



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Philosophy Speaker Series!

We are pleased to announce The Royal Institute of Philosophy University of Dundee Speaker series

Jason E. Smith - Aristotle’s Dream

This Thursday we will welcome Jason E. Smith who will give a lecture entitled Aristotle’s Dream.

Lorenzo Chiesa – Freud’s Agnosticism?

We are pleased to announce the talk Freud’s Agnosticism? by Lorenzo Chiesa from Newcastle University.

Dr Dominic Smith – Citizens’ Panel on Covid-19 Strategy

Dr Dominic Smith from the Centre recently had the pleasure of taking part in an expert witness panel for the Scottish Parliament, that fed into the work of a Citizens’ Panel on Covid-19 Strategy.

Philosophy Speaker Series!

We are pleased to announce two online events that are going to take place in this term’s philosophy speaker series.

About the SCCP

The Scottish Centre for Continental Philosophy is a Research Centre based in the School of Humanities at the University of Dundee. It brings together academics from Scotland, the UK, and the wider world to form a hub of research on continental philosophy in Scotland. It aims to foster the study of continental philosophy in all its historical and contemporary forms and to make connections to other philosophical traditions and academic disciplines.

The Centre organises conferences, workshops and seminars. It brings together researchers and students interested in historical figures and contemporary debates. The Centre also connects to work in philosophy and the arts through its degree programme in Art and Philosophy and through research degrees in continental philosophy and the Art and Humanities MFA at Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design.

We have international links and current research programmes with Paris 8, Deakin University and the Melbourne School of Continental Philosophy, the Association for Continental Philosophy of Religion, and the Australasian Society of Continental Philosophy. The Centre has Erasmus links with Freiburg, Grenoble, Turin, Ostrava, Tilburg and Bilkent.


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     University of Dundee

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