Past Events

Past Visiting Speakers


  • Don Ihde 

  • Graham Harman 

  • Markus Gabriel 

  • Christina Howells 

  • Peter Hallward 

  • Adrian Johnston 

  • Todd Mei 

  • Jeffrey Bell 

  • Daniel W. Smith 

  • Luce Irigaray 

  • Jacques Rancière 

  • Simon Glendinning 

  • Clive Cazeaux 

  • Jonathan Ree 

  • Dermot Moran 

  • Brian O Connor 

  • Tony Oconnor 

  • David Cooper 

  • Stephen Houlgate 

  • Keith Ansell Pearson 

  • Rachel Jones 

  • Andrea Rehberg 

  • Gaetano Chiurrazi 

  • George Taylor 

  • Julia Hansen 

  • Mike Wheeler

Philosophy Speaker Series


SPA Annual Meeting and AGM – 3rd December 2021

Founded in 1900 as the Scots Philosophical Club, the Scots Philosophical Association (SPA) is the professional association of philosophers in Scotland. Its primary purpose is to promote the study and teaching of philosophy in Scotland. This is achieved through the...

Hsgb Annual Conference 2021: “Hegel Today”

We are pleased to announce that the the line-up for the Hsgb Annual Conference 2021: “Hegel Today” has now been finalised as follows: Monday, 11 Oct. 2021, 5.30-7.00 pm UK time: Robert Pippin (University of Chicago) — “The Phenomenology and the Logic of Life:...

Thinking Across Boundaries Speaker Series


New Book (December 21): ‘Dynamic Realism. Uncovering the Reality of Becoming through Phenomenology and Process Philosophy’ by Tina Röck

About the book: Philosophy has traditionally considered reality as a set of static objects. Tina Röck transcends this understanding to explore the realistic potential of relational and dynamic ontology. These explorations are both complex and problematic as we attempt...