Prof David Wills on “Spoonful: The Dorsal Deconstruction of Eroticism”

Dear all,

We will continue the Dundee philosophy speaker series this Wednesday, the 8th of March, with an online event with Prof David Wills (Brown University).

David will give a talk entitled “Spoonful: The Dorsal Deconstruction of Eroticism” (scroll down for an abstract)

The event will take place at 4pm through Zoom.

For the link, please do register here:

Abstract for David Will’s talk:

‘Spoonful: the Dorsal Deconstruction of Eroticism’ works with Derrida’s quasi-transcendental ‘auto-affection’ to think through a series of ideas relating to eroticism, in particular in terms of what I have elsewhere called ‘dorsality’. The figure for my discussion is the type of physical embrace (of front to back) that Americans call ‘spooning’, and it is analyzed through the reading of a fragment from Derrida’s ‘Envois’ in The Post Card. The erotic relation is found to take place over or in an abyss, namely that of an indistinguishable auto- and hetero-affection.

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