Don Ihde: ‘Letting Things Speak: Material Hermeneutics’

We are very pleased to be hosting Don Ihde from Stony Brook University, an internationally renowned philosopher of science and technology and pioneer of ‘postphenomenology.’ All most welcome!
Wednesday, 5th October, 4pm – 6pm 
Venue: Dalhousie 2F13
Don Ihde (Stony Brook University)

“Letting Things Speak: Material Hermeneutics”

I contend that there is a current Second Scientific Revolution from the 20th-21st century by way of imaging technologies.  These technologies ‘let things speak’ as never before, but call for a visualist hermeneutic for interpretation.  I shall give a few examples, beginning with Otzi the Iceman, Viking invasions of England, Spanish explorations of North America, to illustrate how such a revolution can enrich previously linguistically restricted hermeneutics.



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