New book out! Nietzsche and the Politics of Difference

This is with great pleasure that we announce the release of a great and exciting book on Nietzsche and the Politics of Difference, published with De Gruyter.

It has been edited by Dr. Ashley Woodward (University of Dundee) and Dr. Andrea Rehberg (University of Newcastle).

About this book:

The question of Nietzsche’s use of political theory has a long and vexed history. The contributors of this book re-situate debates around the notion of difference, in relation to historical and scholarly concerns, but with a view to the current political context. Given that today we are faced with a host of political challenges of domination and resistance, the question raised in this volume is how Nietzsche helps us to think through and to address some of the problems. The authors also discuss how his writings complicate our desire for swift solutions to seemingly intractable problems: how to resist slavishness in thought and action, how to maintain hard-won civil liberties and rights in the face of encroaching hegemonic discourses, practices and forces, or how to counteract global environmental degradation, in short, how to oppose ‘totalitarian’ movements of homogenization, universalization, equalization, and instead to affirm, both politically and ontologically, a culture of difference.

Table of Contents

Andrea Rehberg and Ashley Woodward – Introduction

Part 1 Politics and Difference
Alan Watt – Nietzsche, Rancière and the Disputation of Politics
Tracy Colony – Composing Time: Stiegler on Nietzsche, Nihilism and a Possible Future

Part 2 Politics and Identity
Glen Baier – Nietzsche’s Diagnosis of Socrates in The Birth of Tragedy: Voyeurism and the Denigration of Difference
William A. B. Parkhurst – Ecce Homo – Notes on Duplicates: The Great Politics of the Self
Niklas Corall – Voluntary Submission and the ʻPolitics of Truth’: Nietzsche and Foucault on the Danger of the Fully Normalised ‘Last Human’
Andrea Rehberg – Towards Immanence – A Nietzschean Trajectory

Part 3 Nietzsche and Deleuze on a New Politics

Jonas Oßwald – Echoes of a New Politics: Deleuze’s Nietzsche and the Political
Lilian Kroth – The Topology of Difference: Deleuze’s Nietzsche in his Politics of Folded Spaces and Subjects
Gabriel Valladão Silva – Fake or Just Stupid? – Post-Truth Politics, Nihilism and the Politics of Difference in Light of Deleuze’s Nietzsche and Philosophy
Julie Van der Wielen – The Idiot: Deleuze’s Nietzsche for a Politics of Difference

Part 4 The Politics of the Agon

Pia Morar – Disparate Conceptions of the Agon: Nietzsche and Agonistic Democracy
Sven Gellens – Agonal Human Rights: A Re-evaluation of Democracy Through Nietzsche’s Physio-Psychology of Will to Power

Part 5 Plurality, Affirmation, Immanence

Marinete Araujo da Silva Fobister – Nietzsche and a Politics of Difference: Realising the Forces in the Margins
George W. Shea, IV – Nietzsche, Foucault and the Politics of the Ascetic Ideal
Michael J. McNeal – The Quandary of Identity and the Prospective Appearance of Free Spirits in our Globalising Age

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