We are pleased to annonce that the Special Issue of Parrhesia on Bergson and vitalism(s) is now out and available :


In this volume, you will find :

Mathilde Tahar, “Bergson’s Vitalisms”
Charles Wolfe, “The Discreet Charm of Hippocratism: Archaic Revival or Avant-Garde Vitalism?”
Bruno Rates, “Bergson, Lovejoy and Radical Vitalism”
Tano S. Posteraro, “Vitalism, Individuation, and an Image for Life- Bergson contra Driesch”
Gregorio Tenti, “The Automatic Divinity. Bergson and Entomology”
Paco Majic, “The Molecular Scaffolds of the élan vital”
Joël Dolbeault, “Sewall Wright, Leading Geneticist, Reader of Bergson, and Almost Bergsonian”
Yasushi Hirai, “Bergson on Panpsychism”
Ties Van Gemert, “Bergson and the Fringes of the Psyche: Between Spiritualism and Spiritism”
Hisashi Fujita, “Diremption and Intersection: The Violence of Language in Bergson and Sorel”
Daniel Stumm, “Revitalizing the Nation: Vitalist Philosophy in the Chinese Nationalist Party”
Rebecca Hill, “Intuition and Feeling: Reading Bergson with Neidjie and Country”

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